Examine This Report on marriage registration office in noida


Along with the online filled form we need to attach following documents

1. Age proof of Husband (Anyone of the following)
Birth Certificate
Leaving Certificate
SSC Exam Certificate
Civil Surgeon Certificate
2. Age proof of Wife (Anyone of the following)
Birth Certificate
Leaving Certificate
SSC Exam Certificate
Civil Surgeon Certificate
3. Residential Proof (Anyone of the following)
Election Card
Electricity Bill
Registered Rent Agreement
Driving License
Ration Card
4. Marriage Proof
Marriage Invitation Card
Marriage Photo with 2 Passport size photo of husband and wife is compulsory
5. Witness(3)
Aadhaar Card or Any Id Card
Passport size photo
Note : The documents set of Original with one xerox copy one should carry with them for registrar office visit.


The parties should be more than 21 years of age for males and 18 years for females.
The parties must have lived for at least one month in the district where marriage is to be registered.
There should not be more than one spouse of any of the parties at the time of marriage under Hindu Marriage Act, while according to Special Marriage Act it is allowed.
A Marriage Certificate is an official statement that establishes marital status of the couple.

It is an important document, which one can rely upon to prove that they are legally married to someone, and for various other purposes like

Changing one’s maiden name.
Opening a bank account.
Obtaining a passport or visa.
Applying for an income certificate.
To claim insurance amount.
To claim assets if your name is mentioned in will with relationship and among other things.


Fill the website online marriage registration form, by providing the required documents.
Booking an appointment at marriage register office.
Once you confirm with us we will book an appointment at register (the date you choose will be after 1 month) office where you have to give your single visit with 3 Witnesses and their documents.
Get the Marriage Registration Certificate in 1 month

Under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

Fill the online form.
Book an appointment, visit Registrar office(SRO) with 3 witnesses at the time of registration.
Submit the application with all the required documents and get a marriage certificate.

Under Special Marriage Act 1954

Bride and Bridegroom should give a notice of intending a marriage 30 days in advance to marriage registration officer.
No objection should be raised within these 30 days timing, Parties can Appear within next 30 days of time period in front of marriage officer for solemnization with 3 witnesses. If the couple didn’t not marry within 90 days of solemnization of marriage, they will have to start the procedure again.
Marriage office will administer the oath and solemnize the marriage by issuing the certificate
Once the declaration and certificate is signed with parties and witness we are done with the process.

Under Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936

A form is filled with the details of Bride and bridegroom with 2 witness and certificate of marriage is issued by a priest.
Along with prescribed marriage certificate fees need to be send to marriage officer.
Marriage will be recorded with Registrar.

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